Enter dojo

To those, who want to start the way of the warrior…

  • Your deliberate wish to practice seriously in our dojo.
  • The first month of practice is a trial period for you. From the second month you are able to become a student in our dojo and try to change your body and mind making the first step on the "Budo" way.
  • During the first month it is not prohibited to wear a sport uniform. (Uniform can be of any type, it should not hamper your motions. Lower part of the uniform should cover the knees).
  • Starting from the second month of the practice, as you are a student of the dojo, you should put on white keiko-gi (karate-gi or judo-gi) and the white belt.
  • From the first practice you should have the in-house shoes (Flip-flops, slippers, etc). The very practice takes place on tatami without any shoes, barefoot.

All the financial issues (fee, payments, etc) and the terms of attendance to dojo are distributed at your first visit. Personal meeting with you, with a person who wants to study the principles of Aikido and Japanese Budo, is very important for us.

Everybody irrespective of sex are able to enter the group of beginners. People under 17 are not able to enter the group. (The age of adults is unlimited. People can practice Aikido up to the very old age).

If you have any questions, you can come to our dojo or to call: +7 (351) 264 80 94.

"… We can point the way, but what will be achieved on this way depends only on who will go…"