The history of the first Aikido Dojo “Chelyabinsk”, Takemusu Aiki – ru, creation has started in the previous century, when in 1988 the founder of dojo Pavel Kikot got acquainted with relatively young (at that time) Japanese martial art, which had very ancient background related to the Japanese Middle Ages and the class of the Ancient Japanese warriors – Samurai.

At that time in the USSR practically nobody knew about this martial art of the ancient warriors. Mostly first clubs were formed in Leningrad (now St.Petersburg) and Moscow.

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One of such dojo was opened in Leningrad at 8 Stoykosti Street. It was opened by V.I. Emelyanenko. Aikido dojo “Chelyabinsk” Takemusu Aiki – ru was formed under the influence of the Leningrad Aikido Club “Takemusu Aiki”. Aikido Dojo “Chelyabinsk” Takemusu Aiki – ru was founded in 1996 after the meeting of the dojo founder Pavel Kikot and Takeji Tomita Sensei at the seminar in Leningrad Aikido club “Takemusu Aiki”.

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The dojo foundation date is February 20, 1996. The dojo founder and the leading instructor is Pavel Kikot.