Aikido dojo “Chelyabinsk” of “Takemusu Aiki” school is the private club (dojo), which is included in “Takemusu Aiki Tomita Academy” structure. This Aikido academy was founded by Takeji Tomita Sensei in 1992.

«... The Academy is the result of long years of studying and understanding of Samurai, Budo, Busido and Budzutsu history. This knowledge was combined with researches in the fields of physics, anatomy and philosophy ...»

«... The main aim of academy is to create the protection method, that combines art, spirit, mind and body of a person...»

Our club (dojo) is a place for serious practice, where students study and get wielding skills of sword, stuff , and also your body and mind. Dojo is a place for studying and developing, for everybody who wants to find new knowledge, broaden the mind and go beyond the bounds of the ego, strengthen the body and polish the character and power of will, filling your spirit with the spirit of a warrior...

Our dojo is open for people, who want to reveal the mind and to learn the body.