HOLIDAY - MARCH 8 in the dojo!

2023, 03, 06

Chelyabinsk Aikido Dojo congratulates You 
Happy International Women's Day!
Happiness, joy and spring mood!
March 8 - there will be no classes in the dojo.
Happy holidays to all!


HOLIDAYS IN THE DOJO from February 23 to 26!


2023, 02, 08

Dear students of the dojo, February 20 marks the 27th anniversary of the opening of the doors of our dojo. Aikido dojo "Chelyabinsk" - congratulates All its former and current students on this event! And also congratulates All men on the holiday of February 23!

A small festive, solemn evening will be held in the dojo on February 22 from 21 o'clock. Both groups come to the dojo together.

From February 23 to February 26, the dojo is closed for holidays.


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